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“The trend has been toward more and more applications in the cloud “Companies the freedom to move their processes in the cloud and on it from anywhere to access,” says Marcel Maron, IT Operations Manager at Mikogo and pioneer of cloud desktops. Futurist usually is spot on. Accessibility and reliability as the main benefits of the cloud services work, because by IT professionals, created not and managed by the end user. Operating systems, however, must be maintained independently by the end user, who must deal with permanent updates, maintenance, and performance as always.”this State has us even so very frustrated, that we have developed the Mikogo cloud desktop. User can finally easily access on their computer in the cloud, while the cloud is again completely maintained by our IT professionals. This is of considerable importance: the cloud desktop guarantees IT departments the necessary performance and saves time and costs. Also, employees have access to the key enterprise applications such as CRM and project management systems. For this they need to log only and can then on their own cloud computer work.” For the cloud desktop 8 can be selected between different Windows operating systems including Windows.

For the start a browser – opens regardless of whether the computer or the Tablet – simply, with which the user logs into. This means: the Windows cloud desktop may 8 on a Windows XP machine, a Mac notebook computer, an iPad, or other mobile device to be used. The cloud desktop service is available now on the Mikogo Web page: cloud desktop press contact Paul Waley; E-Mail: about Mikogo Mikogo ( provides an innovative and easy-to-use desktop-sharing technology that is used for Web conferencing and collaboration over the Internet. More than one million registered users in over 180 countries use the Mikogo software. The customer base consists mainly of small and medium-sized enterprises, the program for online meetings, Web conferencing, remote maintenance and online training Insert. Currently, more than 3,000 companies use Mikogo technology and benefit from significantly reduced travel times and lower travel costs.

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