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Finally, and then so many laps and even names that turned out to not be the definitive, BlackBerry and RIM presented its first tablet to cope with the iPad. Away from the speculation surrounding its launch, was clear that the company seeks to clearly consolidate itself and make a strong competition, accompanied in addition to your model star smartphone, the BlackBerry. The tablet is not one device within an offering that expands, but that was an ambitious project that has undertaken a very thorough development manifested. The profile of the PlayBook, while its name alludes to the playful, is clearly professional bits. The divertimento and recreation have a portion of the total, but it is not pointing specifically to what. The Canadian manufacturer has decided that leisure is not preponderant in this device, even though it has superb multimedia computer that supports more than what aparentara. In terms of its aesthetics, is worth highlighting compact dimensions, with only 1 inch thick and scarce 400 grams of weight. As for the technical aspect, is a touch screen LCD 7 inch WSVGA quality, maximum resolution of 1024 600 pixels, processor dual core Cortex A9 1 GHz and 1 GB of RAM. Novelty is the inclusion of two cameras, a front and another 3 to 5 MP rear respectively, with ability to record video in high definition, and whose main objective is to facilitate the realization of video conferencing.

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