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Based on the fact that business English learners need as elements of social language as stable formula, as a large volume of business vocabulary, and others, the authors Book organizers have developed a special language, which are filled with a student as learning. Initially, the teacher and students make up about a scheme of studying the material and be sure to work in one direction. Section “Organizing a language (Language learning organiser) is designed to study everyday, constantly required English, which allows us to express thoughts here and now. This section is for serious intensive linguistic work, developed the basic vocabulary, grammar, etc. For a more individualized materials designed section “Personal Organizer language (Personal language organiser). This could include details of individual character words and topics of interest, about the students and their colleagues, the work place, etc. It’s like a counterbalance to the first, the complicated part. The third section of the book – is the “Organizer social language (Social language organiser).

This is the most important part of the book, and included in her dialogues, situations in society, work, patterns of behavior in business dealings. That is all this stuff is watching the natural functioning of business English in natural situations. This is followed by “Organiser reserves the text (Resource text organiser). Here gather the necessary professional texts, as well as video and audio. This dictionary lists of phrases, phrases, sentences, a collection of excerpts, etc., the “Organizer word partner (Word partnership organiser ) is necessary for the accumulation and distribution of words and phrases. Create lists of words, phrases, diagrams. “Organizing Grammar business language (Business grammar organiser) – a section for the exercises and the establishment of reference material on the compilation of statements, “Grinding”, for example, verb tenses, a review of common errors, etc., “Organizer of professional language (Professional language organiser) is designed for English on the subject of presentations, negotiations, telephone conversations, meetings, projects for studying verbs on professional student. And finally, the last of proposed – is the section “Organizing cultural foundation (Cultural background organiser).

There was a problem of international communication, intercultural matches, etc. For each section, characterized by the fact that they can be constantly replenished, classify, marshal the importance of abundant collection of linguistic material will serve as a good service at any time used as a reference, the book is to repeat, improve the professional knowledge of business English. Ideas, the authors described a teacher’s guide will be useful when planning lessons business English on the principle of individual approach and help to hold high-training course, created “by the standards of” student.

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