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pocket and use in any computer, for example, in house, the office, the house of friends, etc Something> Wi-Fi that also it promises to deliver this type of access, the modem 3G is well safer to pass through its information of what a public access Wi-Fi, current hotspots that they are multiplied in bars, airports, etc Praticidade and security are without doubts fort points appeal the broad band 3G. Only option For the Brazilians located in areas that are not taken care of by the fixed broad band, the mobile service has been each adopted time more. excluded digitally Verificamos that the volume of new customers of broad band grew of 31% in January of 2008 for 52% in January of this year compares Fernando Lcio Here Managing Advertising of the Net (National Deliverer of Clearly hosted in BH ). Without a doubt this growth is concentrated in the people who inhabit in new quarters of great cities or in cities that are not taken care of by other services of broad band. This public needed Internet and was a restrained demand ignored for the fixed operators of broad band. Now they have an option . What you need? Basically what you need to have access to this technology you are of a computer (that can be notebook or PC of table), a modem or plate 3G and a plan of access of an operator. Today in Minas Gerais 4 operators exist (Clearly, Living creature, Tim and Oi) that they offer these types of plans, each one with strong and weak points, we will go to detail a little in this substance, the ideal is you to find the conditions who more adjust themselves to its> to it in this in case that if east which is the price after offers, or a gratis temporary degustation stops later charging high monthly fees or hides in its contracts the collection of excesses for the use.

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