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German Klaus Knopper

live cd: refers to a cd which contains software that does not depend on any operating system for its operation. This software can be an operating system with all basic tools like can it be, a word processor, spreadsheet processor, a web browser, games, instant messaging, and others either a single program clients.So they invetaron it? The live cd emerged as a strategy that tries to bring linux and software in general free to users who have preserved the distance thinking that the world of linux/gnu is a unique world for hackers. Early distributions live made was KNOPPIX, a distribution based on a fairly dynamic linux called debian distribution and compiled by the German Klaus Knopper. Many inpiraron in the Knopper live distribution and decided to create their own versions of knoppix-based live distributions. Not if he has met the goal, the truth is that a live cd is a very powerful tool that can be used to exit quick step before a problem critic, to try linux without installing it or to diagnose faults in a computer, for example, without has failed us the sound, video, or network card, a good way to determine if the bug is related to hardware or software consists of starting with our live cd and see if the fault persists, have ended up if the fault does not detect a fault related to the software. As it works?The performance of a live cd is very simple, just put the cd in the cd tray, restart the machine and if the BIOS boot sequence is willing to first read the cd, you will only have to wait about 5 minutes until it is fully charged the OS in RAM and loaded once now you can enjoy an operating system in full operation since the CDROM/DVD. As I modify the bios boot sequence? BIOS (Basic Imput Output System) is a system contained by a chip located on the motherboard of the computer and written in language assembler from where basic tasks of input and output are controlled during the system startup. .

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