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Moisture-resistant plywood choice as a base for laying flooring will also help reduce the cost of materials and labor. Large selection of parquet in the market will also choose an inexpensive and fairly high-quality solution. Make the total cost of parquet or an array of low-allow the choice of complex Contract work on the parquet, in which case you will get a low cost of the work and materials, as well as be able to get your wood floor turnkey and require a contractor's final result, because it is no secret that some contractors will throw the blame on each other. The choice of a simple but beautiful pattern (deck, sloping deck, herringbone) will further reduce the cost of the laying of parquet. The cost of laying parquet much depends on this method of installation (figure) and the presence of such a frieze. Base (plywood) should fall on a special adhesive and fastened to the floor with screws attached to the dowels.

Sam laid on parquet parquet glue and attached to the base with galvanized nails. We must not forget that after the installation of plywood or laying parquet should be done a certain technological break before starting the next phase of (72 hours or more, depending on the microclimate in the premises). If you hurry and do not withstand the process breaks, but in future it may affect the timing of operation laid the parquet floor or floor of solid wood. After laying the flooring or the array is necessary to scraping, sanding, putty flooring, coat it with varnish or oil, and the need to do toning or brashirovanie. Sealer is best done shpatlevochnymi special formulations with different bases, which added obtained by sanding parquet wood dust. This scheme allows a virtually complete coincidence of color and excellent adhesion. The quality of polishing the parquet or array will largely determine its finishing look. After polishing there should be no scratches or so-called "pits." Covering an array of flooring, or better carry out or oil or two-component polyurethane varnish, water-based.

The use of water-based varnish on the wooden floor makes it environmentally friendly, serves to emphasize the texture of the tree and to a lesser extent changes the color of natural wood. Soft wood is better to cover with oil, it will provide the best performance of wooden floors. The number of applied layers of lacquer to determine the thickness and the operating life of the varnish film by abrasion. It should be apply at least 3 coats of varnish with the desired gender specific primer primer (primer paint). Pro-Parquet

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