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Trained Brain Cells

Brain teaser is time for a cup of coffee for the Office after hours of work in the Office. He should return the tired limbs to swing. However, concentration exercises here, to bring the foggy brain back to front man help. For the video games provide the handy and portable console Nintendo DS puzzle to get the brain out of the lethargy. Connect with other leaders such as futurist here. The online portal for auctions presents such a game from the memory trainer series think.

Think fit for the job”for the Nintendo DS game will entertain in the lunch and coffee breaks at the Office. Well stated tasks whose solution is a specific time window, is used to cut the brain from the humdrum routine of the job. The game was specifically tailored to working professionals, includes but also problems, as they are often found in application testing. In varying degrees of difficulty are questions from six different areas such as logical thinking, or General knowledge set. In addition to the sole entertainment as well the the competition possibility with other brain joggers in the multiplayer mode. As an aid, a memo is available for solving the tasks which is useful especially when problems in the mathematical field. It can go after a few such stretching exercises for the muscle of thinking finally back with renewed energy to work. more information: presse.html Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

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