Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Edgar Morin

1 Educate for uncertainty reality changes at a speed so great that surprises us when we least expect it, the changes that previously gave six centuries now occur in less time: new inventions, new fashions, new behaviors, all this creates for us a sense of confusion, instability, uncertainty as says Edgar Morin, the 20th century has discovered the loss of futurethat is, its unpredictability. And it is true as soon as we think humanity in a constant adventure through history. Precisely the historical sense of the future has been the progress, while now, this myth collapses, the future remains open to the idea of the unpredictable. We don’t want to say this, to not believe in the idea of progress. Demonstrating the new contributions of science in the demonstration of uncertainties (theories of chaos, etc.), we can start to show the weaknesses of the paradigm of simplification, on a long journey of learning, progressive and evolving towards the recognition of the improbable as intervening element of our knowledge. The inclusion of uncertainty as a variable in our analysis, in our reasoning activities, will allow us to make a qualitative leap in the development of our thinking. What he brings us this qualitative leap? It brings the possibility of spending of programmatic, linear, thinking to a kind of strategic thinking.

Already mentioning the Word program the following figures will come to mind: order, sequence, steps, clear definition principio-fin, procedure, etc. The programme establishes a sequence of actions to be developed, to land in a particular purpose. However, this sequence of actions are understood in a stable environment, ordained, and above all must remain static. The negative is that minor event of external disorder program finds obstacles and freezes, is too fragile to fluctuations in context, and is too rigid to handle contingencies. Strategy, on the other hand, develops scenarios of action and takes into account their development certainties, uncertainties and probabilities that surround the situation, affecting the context.

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