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Articulated Dump Trucks

This type of truck is designed for use in various sectors of construction on transportation of cargoes in impassable conditions, as well as in mining and construction materials. These trucks have found application to deposition of soil and waste rock dumps when performing a stripping operation. It should be noted that some manufacturers are using the basic chassis of trucks, equip them with equipment for transportation containers, long goods (pipes in the construction of pipelines for various purposes), as well as equipment for hauling tree-length and assortments of timber production. In Belarus, for software "BelAZ" and Mogilev Automobile Plant was set up three models of articulated dump trucks with load capacity from 25 to 48 tons. Abroad, the creation and production of articulated dump trucks engaged a number of leading companies, among which include Volvo CE (Sweden), Terex (UK), Caterpillar (USA), Komatsu (Japan), Astra (Italy), Bell (South Africa and Germany), Case New Holland – CNH (England, Germany, Italy) and others. Considering the range of articulated dump domestic and foreign production, which includes 55 models of cars, we can establish their distribution by level of capacity. The smallest number of models accounts for the group carrying capacity of over 40 tonnes (5.6%) and up to 20 tons (14.5%).

The greatest number of models have to band payload of 20 – 25 tons (25.5%). To the group carrying capacity of over 25 to 40 tons have 54.4%. This distribution suggests that the most popular are the hinge-articulated haulers in range carrying capacity of more than 20 to 40 tons. The following table provides a brief technical characteristics of articulated trucks from various manufacturers, structured range-carrying capacity. From this table shows that the largest number of models designed by Bell (8 models with lifting capacity 18 – 45.4 m), Caterpillar (6 models with capacities 23.6 – 38 tons) on 5 models available Volvo (capacity 24 – 37 m), Terex ( capacity of 23 – 38.8 m), Hitachi (Capacity of 23.2 – 45.4 m) in 4 models ranging in capacity 23 – 36 m firms mastered Case, John Deere and Astra.

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