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The truth is that during the last fifteen years I’ve thought of it hundreds of times and the conclusion which often arrive is always similar in shape, but exactly the same content: life (biologically speaking), my son, my partner and my own are incomparably more valuable than any Hill of ticket which do or may contain in Venezuela today day. There is no argument that would justify the irresponsible act that would mean return to a territory where human life has less value than a sad couple of brand shoes. La curee newborn dresses that today control the country are in luck because the situation opts in favour; but eventually the story always puts things in place. When the Government apparatus are infested of resentful wanting revenge and when the sad and profound poison of the most supine ignorance contaminates every political decision, the long-term outcome is predictable and simple: the disaster. Venezuela is a sick nation for at least three decades. I lived the first serious symptoms of the disease during the last decade of the last century and have to admit that not all the responsibility on the backs of historical clown who today governs the destinies of the country. For any human being with a common sense trained, the overall image of this addicting does not inspire more than a deep shame.

He and his entourage of moral intellectuals, poorly nourished dwarves, eunuchs dressed as green olive, social waste and swamp leeches strongly adhered to the jugular of the State: they are all only the by-product of more 40 years of political insensitivity and economic plunder. In a sense, the damage caused by this nightmare walking, even is you can blamed on 100%. That would mean admitting that he has the intellectual tools and the nexus of time necessary to reach any firm conclusions justifying their decisions. All who love Venezuela we know that this is not so. The reyecito is advised by the most distinguished national filthy, now in power.

The reyecito believes that truth is limited to the four pamphlets of trasnochado-socialista content that someone will read it in its nest at bedtime. The reyecito admires Fidel castro, but the truth is that he is not Fidel Castro nor never will be. Cuba is a country in a coma hoping to resurrect from the ashes when the fairy godmother capitalist have their turn in the play Cubano-Norteamericana. Fidel Castro to Cuba had a vision of the country, and although the invention came out wrong, you cannot be denied a role in the story as statesman. The reyecito only has money. The list is short. Only money. The situation favors their whims, point. This time of prosperity for the newborn dresses will happen, but the damage done to the nation can be much more durable and may stop in our souls scars visible, ugly and painful.

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