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Ecological Alimentos

For a long time a very great confusion between the consumers has existed to recognize ecological foods. This is had due to biological the indiscriminate commercial advantage of terms as or saw. Such reason has generated, that products that did not fulfill the communitarian norms and without passing the due quality control or the pertinent quality controls certifies that them as foods saw or ecological foods, are state selling as if they entered within the ecological food classification treated. From the 14 of Julio of a 2005 new European norm it gathers for all the European space, that the term ” bio” and ” biolgico” it is fixed exclusively for the food classification (food technology) that fulfills the normative one on ecological foods, which comes to add itself to terms the already protected of ” eco” , ” ecolgico” , ” org” and ” orgnico”. The independent communities are those that have the competitions of control on production and ecological certification, all pertaining to committee of ecological agriculture, FALLS.

These organisms also control the commercial transactions of purchase and ecological product sale. The ecological label that takes fixed foods ecological guarantees that these products are really ecological and that they have passed the pertinent quality controls of the European Union, reason why is within this food classification. Besides this, a second logo exists that is different according to each independent community with the specific anagram from the organism that has given the approval and in that can be read ” Ecolgica” agriculture;.

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