Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention


Mario says: same as write, read is to protest against the insufficiencies of life. Who seeks in fiction that has no, says, without having to say it, not even knowing it, which is life such as it is not sufficient for us to fill our thirst for absolute, Foundation of the human condition, and that should be better. Invent us fictions in order to live somehow the many lives that we would like to have as soon as we have a single an invitation to all those who like to write is what makes us Mario, but an invitation to create fictions where never allow authoritarian governments to govern countries again. But by what fiction? Because that enemy is latent in our societies, and is always likely to occur this: new forms of barbarism are proliferating atizadas by fanaticism and, with the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, you cannot exclude any sub-group of crazed saviours cause one day a nuclear cataclysm. You should leave them to step, confront them and defeat them.

Not We should be intimidated by those who wanted to snatch us the freedom that we have been conquering in the long feat of civilisation. We stand up for liberal democracy, which, with all its limitations, still meaning political pluralism, coexistence, tolerance, human rights, respect for the criticism, legality, free elections, the alternation in power, everything that us has gone out of the feral life and bringing us even though we will never reach it to beautiful and perfect life that pretends to literatureone that just inventing it, reading it and writing it can merit. Facing us fanatical murderers to defend our right to dream and to make our dreams come true in writing, is a way that we have to raise our voices and not allow Governments totalitarian like Cuba and Venezuela continue gaining adherents, such as Bolivia and Nicaragua: and the truth is that you owe to France, French culture, unforgettable teachings, as that literature is both a vocation as a discipline, a job and a stubbornness.

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