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Innovation Investigates the Deep Sea’s Secrets

Innovation is not just to break, but to investigate the roots in deep seas and secrets, and redefine them. So this is not a desire to group, generation, movement and flow but, by contrast, show a diversity of worlds setting, topics, language where the tone generation is marked as a special meter reading is Colombian and Latin American lyric tradition in particular. Thus we can find a poem that returns upon itself to its parent theme, confessional, reflective, testimonial, with a high content of metaphors and images. Can read all that emotion and tasted, all that wonderful verbal modified? Die all that spiritual force under the deadly weight of consumerism?

Nope. Neither the technology nor measles apparent transformation of literary genres will disappear this indescribable communion. When transportation of the measure was implemented in the rocky roads of Spain, the poet imitated his litany of wheels with monotonous after famous poems written in the frame track. Perhaps in the coming years some of these poetic voices seek to imitate the mysteries without grace of cyberspace, the global village and the virtual reality of these days postmodern adverse to any manifestation of beauty. Therefore, in these times when many mythologies have been left behind and become anachronistic, and when our pursuit of origin has been lost in the light of day cyber divine poetry has found its true refuge to reconcile their certainties. The poetry dying of this new century is in itself appalling litany of apocalyptic. There is no longer the threat of nuclear destruction that terrorized us twenty years ago, but it gives us nightmares, the probability that the modern world diminish our intimate emotions.

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