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Car Nascar Racing

If nowadays much people say that ' ' race game is everything igual' ' , they must this to the Papyrus, that created has one decade the classic Indianapolis 500 more than, visa as the first realistic simulator of professional race. After it, all the companies had tried to catch vacuum behind it and the market was flooded by race simulators. I believe that few impress with the fact of the Papyrus still to be the company with some of the best games of race of all the times. After the purchase of the Papyrus for the Sierra, the Nascar series has received new itineraes periodically, and Nascar 4 is one of the best ones of the series. The gamma of options that the game offers does not have precedents.

Beyond counting on roster complete of 76 cars and real corridors (that he includes Dale Earnhardt Mr., dead some days before the launching of the game), it reproduces the tracks of the championship of the passed year, and all the simulation offers to the possible reproductions most realistic of all these details. But one of the most interesting options is personalization of difficulty of the game. If you never obtained or at least she tried to come close itself to a race game, Nascar 4 offers the biggest list of aids of seen direction already, all duly explained. But it is when you finally receive the bandeirada one from departure that the game shines: shining and realistic appearances, diverse cameras for the visualization of race and one of the best systems of available reproduction of the physical model in a computer – in other words, you it goes to see many cars giving capers if to try to play with the game in the difficulty most realistic. can bet that the cars will go to show the damages in realistic way. If it was necessary to find a worsening in the new version, the only imaginable thing is the sumio of the option to immediately restart the race during its progress. Among others lesser problems are a detection system of impact that the times fails, but are very better that what the competition offers.

On the other hand, it compensates this what he seems to be one better reproduction of linking of the car with the track, giving that sensation of cancelled gravity being in the closed curves. The artificial intelligence of the game very seems to be good, but if its beach is to multiplayer, Nascar 4 supports up to 40 () running it saw Internet, but the performance falls for each additional player. But, considering the feat to support this enormous number, this is not nothing badly. Nascar 4 is one of the best games of the style, but unhappyly, still it is a heading relatively made only for fans. If its business is race, is not easy to find much thing better. But if you are not interested yourself for the subject, the game you can prove yourself extremely frustrating.

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