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Childhood Playgrounds

Where is the childhood of urban child? Of course, a playground, among the sand boxes and slides surrounded by their peers and their parents. So it was thirty and twenty years ago, so there is now a playground for courtyard apartment building continues to be the focus of children of the world, with its special rules and fantasies. Kids like to move level on the playground. First, under the supervision of their parents, they swarm in sandbox, and a little grown up, develop children's slides and swings with abandon from morning to night riding and swinging at them. It would seem, children's slides and swings – such simple things as compared with television, and especially Internet, they can be interesting to modern children. However, the live contact and games that occur on the playing field will never replace the virtual communication and computer games that separate the child from meaningful communication.

Today, finally, something local officials reflected on the importance of the return of playgrounds, most of which have disappeared or been brought into complete disrepair, presenting the danger of his iron skeletons of children. Emerging from its appearance yards turned into construction sites and dump debris. Along with these reappear sandbox and children's slides, and courtyards adorned flower beds and young trees. Soviet swings and slides for children, often rude and impersonal, substitute safer wood, made with imagination and love for children. Again in the courts appear sandbox full of kids and teens compete in agility on the swings and slides for children. It is hoped that the revival of playgrounds will help our children not to forget that this game and lively, full communion, and their parents with them to remember their childhood.

In early and mid-nineties, many courts in our country have lost their playgrounds, and with them began to disappear and baby swings. Where to start somewhere, so yes, and stood for many years an unauthorized building, somewhere in all the pilfered hunters with metal, but somewhere playgrounds just had deteriorated over time. So there were children ignorant of carefree joy of swinging on a swing. Of course, this is a place in their minds occupied by other objects, but we are confident that they were deprived of something very important. Only in recent years, with children's playgrounds began gradually changing for the better. Returned to the tradition of resettlement houses multi-story buildings, there were areas with children swings, children who have returned from the entrances under the open sky. Maybe swing again become a symbol of childhood and bring joy and fun.

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