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Today, most Internet users know that mailing lists are one of the cheapest and effective methods of advertising. And it's true. The only trouble is that most people fold their view, that such distribution and how it should be conducted on conflicting data, rumors, gossip and superstitions. Therefore, it is often the most effective advertising weapon begins to work against a host Somewhere someone said that any distribution is profitably, somewhere, someone suggested cheaper to buy ready-made base email-addresses, somewhere has turned up some free script or a utility for distribution – that pecked the man on it, and heap "simple" ways immediately in the future trouble. 'So there is a lot of spam instead of useful and literate mailings. In this article I want to save you from such "blunders". I lay out the basic rules and regulations for the competent management of your mailings and effectively achieve all your specific needs.

Attitude to the rules as to the fundamental truths of science lowercase "Voluntary email-marketing" and everything will be in your order. The first thing where I start – is to clarify most misunderstood terms in the field of mailing lists. It is a misunderstanding of the terms often lies a further distortion of the entire region where these terms are used. So let's start to clear up the basic terms: "Mailing List" – a method of mass delivery of useful information in the form of emails to email-addresses of subscribers who have previously on their own free will subscribe to this periodical is information, be sure to confirm your subscription to the newsletter.

Thu, February 10 2011 » News