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Canon EOS

A look at the new Canon EOS 500 d camera review-DSLR camera review: with the EOS 500 d, Canon has a DSLR used low-priced entry-level camera under 600 euro on the mark. The 15.1 megapixel sensor impresses with effectively minimized noise in low light conditions (high ISO up to 12800). This noise can be added at high ISO numbers. The sensor is already known Canon 50 d users. Continuous shooting can be done with the EOS 500 d with up to 3.4 frames per second. The buffer extends for up to 9 RAW shots (internal camera format) or for up to 170 JPEG images. The new lithium-ion battery has a relatively short term. In full mode (RAW, best quality), the battery shaft approx.

500 images. Reduction of image quality images can be up to 1000 record. The 500 d has a 3? LCD monitor with 920,000 pixels equipped. The camera supports live view of course. Thus, images from awkward positions can be shot either (E.g. overhead), or but also HD videos are recorded. The To extend recording time for video can be routed to 720 p or VGA to be (reduction in image quality). So far, full HD DSLR cameras was rather unbelievable.

In the full HD mode takes the 500 d with 20 frames per second. In the HD ready (720 p) at 30 frames. the selection of the video mode is made possible via the command dial on the back of the camera. The maximum recording time is 30 minutes. Although the video quality is really good, the audio quality leaves to wish. Missing the connection possibility for external microphones. The 9 point autofocus system of the EOS 500 d is fitted in the middle with a high-precision cross type sensor. The auto focus can be adjusted via a menu beautifully. In this menu, you can choose between manual and automatic AF settings. In addition the EOS 500 d includes the’s integrated cleaning typical for Canon system. The sensor is discharged by means of vibration from dust. This feature helps to prevent that when looking at the images suddenly unpleasant surprises on the Come daylight. Conclusion: The EOS 500 d is one, as usual by Canon, successful DSLR camera for less than 600 euros. It is with all Canon EF and EF-S lenses as well as compatible with EX Speedlites (Flash). A camera that is suitable for the beginner as well advanced. A shoulder strap, a charger and the compulsory manual is in the delivery package.

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