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Armor Warfare

Encased in the armor of a knight one fights in a completely different way than a lightweight trainer. But here’s what reason, and that the investigation – to be addressed personally to everyone. Clearly only one solution to this should be fully informed. Historically, it is kind of used weapons defined the techniques the camp, but not vice versa. Size and shape of the swords are not changed over the centuries.

Weapons became a family heirloom and passed from generation to generation. In this case, create and maintain a family, clan styles. Son was looking at his father’s grandson – playing with his grandfather. And just sometimes, in a tournament or on long hikes warrior could meet with an unprecedented arms, unfamiliar technology battlefield. The emergence of new weapons could fundamentally change the nature of the battle, his technique and tactics. Not for nothing believe that the source of development martial arts is a confrontation between ‘the sword’ and ‘shield’ offensive and defensive weapons. Thus, historical trends in art of possession knives, is determined mainly by improving the weapon itself, creating new designs, finishing and bringing the existing ones.

But there is another approach. In recent years, the nature of modern warfare has changed considerably. Now melee exception rather than the rule. Combat operations are conducted with the use of increasingly sophisticated weapons. That hardware is now completely define the ways and methods of armed struggle. And what about the combat knife? How to define its place in modern combat? How to master the techniques of its military application? First of all, we must admit that the knife is only an auxiliary, secondary role in modern warfare. Combat knife – the last argument in the melee.

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