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Outdoor advertising, according to the name – is the manufacturing process of advertising on the street, that is, roughly speaking, from the outside. The phrase "outdoor advertising" has become so familiar to denote different kinds of decoration signs, stands, illuminated letters and boxes that quite often in interior design or product names replaced by the term outdoor advertising. Undoubtedly, in interior decoration uses technology similar to technology for outdoor advertising. This is primarily to manufacture neon lights, volumetric light letters and light boxes. Stainless steel, not very common outside of recently began to enjoy unprecedented demand inside. Along with such familiar products of stainless steel: rails, fences, have, rather, building orientation, columns of light elements in sludge stained glass windows in the style of high-tech, and the spirit of the contemporary art center Georges Pompidou in Paris with a neon light, with words to describe buildings, etc.

– This is the typical representatives of products for outdoor advertising. Another interesting type of product, which is inexplicably ranked as the outdoor advertising – all sorts of products from foam: three-dimensional letters, figures and columns. Underestimate these products is extremely difficult: they are low cost, combined a wide variety of features allow you to say that for these products has a great future. I especially want to mention them a distinct advantage in terms of creating lightweight structures, which allows to place advertising in locations previously unsuitable for this purpose, such as shopping malls, where hallways and passages reminiscent of the streets of the city and, indeed, it is not unreasonable to call the product for interior products outdoor advertising.

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