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It is investing and creating jobs in the sector of Environment As I am sick of the word ‘crisis’ and not want to talk it over, I’ll report what which do not report the media and the creation of jobs in this sector which I trust is the future of our country, because that’s why we are leading by example in wind power. So you spend several links on new investments and projects being undertaken in this sector: Almeria. 10 million to build new infrastructure at the Plataforma Solar. organic products are moving in Asturias The wind is the darling of renewable energies in Spain with a lignocellulosic biomass energy potential of 1,144 toe Castilla y Leon. Wind energy production is behind an industry with more than 3,000 jobs Caixa Catalunya bet renewable energy Ontario leads the industry ecologica Spanish Castilla-La Mancha encourage research in photovoltaic concentration and highlighting this story that transcends our borders: China interested in investing in Spain that solar energy.

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