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7. Place links on your websites, 404 error pages are frustrating for visitors. Get your 404 error pages are easy to use and takes advantage of this to bring additional traffic to some of the post more important. Most of the themes of WordPress includes a file 404.php, which you can edit to insert the contents that you want, including links. If you’re using a WordPress theme that does not include a 404 file, consult the WordPress Codex for instructions. 8. Include links in the footer depending on the theme you are using in your blog, can that you’re wasting the footer with contents of little value.

Many of the visitors who have read to the end of your posts or have moved down in search of something, can find links in the footer without having to scroll back to the top. Why not to provide these visitors links to other blogs or pages of your blog.? 9 Use the text along the posts links when you’re writing a post on your blog looks at the possibility of linking to some of the oldest entries. If you have text related to the theme of an older post, link it. As you create and publish more articles, you’ll find it easier to do. A good idea would be to review your older posts and see if you can link to the most recent entries that did not exist at the time of publishing them. It can be particularly beneficial to include links in the first paragraphs of a post, some bloggers have reported higher rates of clicks (click-through) RSS readers with links in the first paragraphs of content. 10. MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate: plugin for WordPress WordPress users can use a plugin, MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate, to automatically create links to most frequently used phrases over the posts on the blog. This plugin is designed for use with internal links and external links (especially affiliate links).

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