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The Serious Danger That Supposes The Harassment Sexual

Thousands of people, especially women, undergo in silence a frightful reality in their places of work. The harassment is a phenomenon more and more extended in the labor world, that attempts seriously against the freedom of undergoes those who it. Connect with other leaders such as Who owns Sola? here. We could define it like a plurality of consisting of attitudes commentaries, advances, flirteos, watched or gestures of essentially sexual nature; that they are not wished by the person to whom they go directed and they give rise to the generation of surroundings of hostile and terribly threatening work for her. Although each situation is particular, it would be possible to speak of two generic modalities of harassment sexual that could include the practical totality of the cases: the creation of surroundings of hostile work and the harassment Quid Pro Quo. To know them can be very useful at the time of putting remedy to a phenomenon of this type. a) The creation of surroundings of hostile work This one takes place when who surround to the victim, are one or several people, they around generate to his surroundings that cause that this one feels uncomfortable or strongly done violence to, on the occasion of action or suggestions of lewd character. It would include, for example, those cases in that the victim saw itself continuously besieged by one or several fellow workers or superiors, that abiertamente realised jokes or commentaries of evil taste on the same, or would carry out flirteos shameless, making him feel visibly it does violence to and intimidated.

Many people do not think the sufficient thing about the form in that their actions could be perceived by their fellow workers, exceeding with them all the own limits of the mutual confidence. A policy of tolerance zero against any type of commentary or hint of this type would be the most effective solution against this modality of harassment, that can considerably harm the work surroundings in which the empelados relations of the different ones move, seriously harming the good march of the Company. b) Perhaps the harassment sexual Quid Pro Quo is this the form of harassment more commonly recognized. It takes place when a person, located in a plane of hierarchic superiority in front of its victim (working this last one for that one normally), tries to obtain of which this one accedes to the taking of steps of sexual nature to traverse or of offers of improvements or benefits (increases of pay or ascents, for example) or threats with a worsening of its labor conditions. The harassment, like before we have insinuated, is not only dangerous for the person suffers who it.

By its cause a very negative dynamics of work for the Company could be generated. For this reason, the Superiors would have to cut by root any situation of this type. In addition, it could get to consider itself that they could collaborate of tacit way with these practices. For that reason to take disciplinary measures against the pursuer, who could to even happen through their dismissal, is always the best possible solution. All we must right to find us comfortable in our place of work, still more considering the high number of hours that in him we happened. If you underwent a situation that could to fit with the described ones in this article, you do not doubt a single second and pon your case into the hands of a specialistic lawyer in labor matter.

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