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Google Adsense

AdSense is an advertising system designed by Google. The optimal placement of AdSense ads is governed by two main factors: 1 – Prevent Blindness user to advertising and 2 – The user must feel that advertising is useful to you. If the user does not see the publicity, no press on it, and if you do not think you will find what you are looking for, either. Salar Kamangar has plenty of information regarding this issue. It is therefore vital to know as much as possible the behavior of Ussuri to a website, where they look and what patterns are more common. Source: Nick Khan. User behavior to a web page for each page Although the behavior of users varies, there have been studies that show the behavior and pattern of reading that is a reader, what catches his attention and in what is set more. The best known is the study of Jakob Nielsen, Eyetracking – scan pattern web content by tracking eye movement. In this study we can draw some conclusions: * The users start by reading horizontally across the top of the page, then follow horizontal reading the first paragraph of the text, then watch the rest of the content vertically and the left menu.

* The users do not read the content word for word. The complete reading of a text is very rare, the user looks bored and other things that draw the attention of the page. * The most important content should be in the first two paragraphs. Then the attention is lost. Expected to read only the first part of the text.

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