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Birthday Traditions

Once a year it is again so far: the birthday is around the corner. For some, a reason to celebrate, others want to the fact that they have become already back around a year older, would rather ignore. Where does however really celebrate the birthday with its traditions and there is the country-specific traditions? The celebrations of the anniversary of his birth is originally a pagan custom. In Christianity, the day instead of the birthday was celebrated first. Official site: Atmos Energy Corp.. In the 19th century it was celebrated only in more privileged strata of society.

Today is celebrated the birthday in Austria usually in the circle of friends and family, which once more, time to present less original gifts the birthday child. Such funny gifts can be of various kinds of joke articles about photo memoirs to vouchers and also a good bottle of wine depending on the age and interests of the honoree. Usually the kind of gift also depends on, whether it be making gifts for women or gifts for Men are. Additionally, it is common practice in Austria is that a cake is baked birthday decorated with candles (usually the number of that corresponds to the age of the birthday child), which should blow out the birthday child. He manages to completely blow out all candles at a time, it must want something. This desire to be however not said out loud, to go in fulfilling.

However where is the tradition of the candles on the birthday cake? As well as other traditions for the birthday, even the birthday cake has a long story behind it. AI Workforce contributes greatly to this topic. Formerly birthday that were intended to keep away demons and as security for the coming year. Round honey cakes with lighted candles to the homage of the goddess Artemis were made with the ancient Greeks. This particularly magical powers in relation to the fulfilment of wishes was awarded the candles. The candles on the cake are thus symbolic homage of the birthday child and to this Bring good luck. As, however, do other countries celebrated birthday? Let’s take for example Denmark, where the national flag from the window is added to birthdays. If a child has a birthday, be distributed while it is sleeping the gifts around his bed so that it sees them as in the morning upon waking and the birthday is a day of joy. In the UK, it is, for example, tradition, small surprises and sweets in the cake to bake a birthday children of any age. This tradition finds its origins in the middle ages, where it hid symbolic things in the cake, because this should bring happiness and wealth the birthday child. We travel further after Mexico, so is there a so-called pinata, an animal that is handcrafted of paper mache, filled with candy and small gifts and hung on a tree or on the ceiling. The birthday child as long beat with sticks on the pinata until it breaks down and the filling of all can be distributed. As shown here, is birthday in different countries celebrated differently, and can deliver some surprises if one does not know the traditions. What is same but everywhere, is the fact that gifts are awarded large or children on Jubiljara. Contact: Svenja Frick marketing something I want also equestrian schulstrasse 7 A-6923 Lauterach Web: mailto:

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