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The same principle if must apply to a member of the family or another person that helps the patient to use the Telemedicina. The current rules of the assent and confidencialidade of the patient also are applied to the situations of the Telemedicina. The information on the patient one only can be transmitted the doctor or to another professional of health if this it will be allowed by the patient with its clarified assent. The transmitted information must be pertinent to the problem in question. Had to the risks of filtration of inherent information the certain types of electronic communication, the doctor has the obligation to assure that the norms of measures are applied all of security established to protect the confidencialidade of the patient. The doctor who uses the Telemedicina is responsible for the quality of the attention that receives the patient and it does not have to opt to the consultation of Telemedicina, unless it considers that it is the best available option.

For this decision the doctor must take in account the quality, the access and the cost. He must yourself be used regularly measured of evaluation of the quality, in order to assure optimum possible diagnosis and treatment in the Telemedicina. The doctor does not have to use the Telemedicina without making sure of that in charge team it procedure is of a enough high level of quality, that functions of adequate form and that it fulfills with the recommended norms. He must yourself be made use of systems of support in emergency cases. He must yourself be used quality control and procedures of evaluation to watch the precision and the quality of the collected and transmitted information. For all the communications of the Telemedicina must be counted on an established protocol that includes the subjects related with the appropriate measures that if must take in cases of lack of the team or if a patient has problems durante.a use of the Telemedicina.

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