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Make-up Application

Makeup priodalela quite a long way, from the colors derived from the ashes of the bark of trees to sovremenniyshih decorative means. Despite the fact that there is no limit to perfection, and today almost all composes part of the make-up are based on the most-the most modern techniques and technologies, has conducted numerous experiments to exhibit the maximum result from their use and Increasing improves the skin. Foundations. Liquid creams vary in thickness – they can be dense and fluid, causing them a sponge or fingertips. Girls with oily skin do not use them desirable. For them, the more appropriate cream powder. Both colors are not advised to use young people with a predisposition to the formation of acne as powder score ducts of sebaceous glands and will only worsen the problem. Shadow, outline, and mascara.

Contour and shade, you can choose the color of clothing. An alternative, more natural option – the color of his eyes. Another way is the choice of complementary colors, that is, those that will be on the basis of contrasting color to complement Eyes: If you have brown eyes, they emphasize the benefits golubovtymi, gray-blue or lilac and plum shades of shadow, green eye for podholyat pink svetlolilovye, and brownish-pink shade – they will make green eyes " even greener ", Blue eye will look brighter and more expressive if we impose the shade of brown or dark beige color, to lighten and contour better to use neutral colors: beige for the body- lightening and brown, jet black and dark blue for the outline. The invention of mascara to eyelashes was the discovery of the last century. Clear separation of certain types of mascara on today does not exist, any product can described by an excellent selection of the following characteristics: lengthening effect. The composition of carcass entered the protein fibers forming on the tips of the cilia as a "surge", volume effect. Microspheres in wax carcass composition of the bulk and make the lashes thicker, not allowing them to stick together; Water resistant. Ink includes a paraffin wax, which does not paint smeared on the humidity; Lipstick on top of your key decorative features modern lipstick must also follow the lips, protecting them from any adverse effects.

Indelible lipstick is continuously improving. And if they once were "persistent" only with respect to, the nynishnie Film is not really smudge of lipstick (for example, lipstick on a series of Faberlic day to night). These lipsticks are applied with a brush, like lip gloss, dry up after 1-2 minutes, then turn into a smooth plenochku, which completely dries the lips. Article Source Property ID makeup.

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