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The Electrodes

Electrodes are conductors used to jump start a nonmetallic element, they began their development in the twentieth century when the use of welding was implemented as a main part of electronic inventions of the time. The electrodes provide a variety of functions which can be applied, some of them are: Electrodes in sport: these are a great addition to practices such as passive exercise, since this is based primarily on the use of electrodes for achieve stimulation of the muscles through electric shocks. Electrodes in health: the use of electrodes in medicine can be varied in two ways: – the first form is the use of electrodes in the measurement of body functions. The electrodes are attached to the patient's body to provide a minimum discharge of electricity, to which special instruments can detect the movement of some bodies react to this shock, a great example of this is to use electrodes to visualize the functioning of the nervous system. – Another way to use electrodes for medical purposes are the implementation of these in the process recuperatorios.

After some processes such as muscle injuries or skin implants, the electrodes are shown as an excellent tool to restore the sensitivity with mild electric shocks. – It should be noted that the main activity where the electrodes are used is physiotherapy, offering a fast and efficient muscle recovery. Electrodes in science: the current use of electrodes in science, applied mainly in getting the design of electronic elements such as music players and some things that are currently like the rechargeable batteries, the electrodes and allow the passage of current nonmetallic elements facilitate the design of such items. At present the development of the electrodes has made these are divided into several types. Some of them like: AC electrodes: they are the most used in the design of appliances. welding electrodes: this is widely used to fuse the elements by which electrical current must flow. At present the electrodes open the door to developing new items such as USB rechargeable batteries, which are a USB stick and a battery at a time, among others. At present the use of the electrodes is being implemented for development activities such as hydrolysis, which consists in the purification of dilute ions by downloading the same. Needless to say, one of the most useful inventions of science are the electrodes, and even more useful was to discover their various applications in activities such as sports, medicine and science.

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