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The Bible

From the beginning of time people have always had belief in higher beings that somehow govern their lives and give them support. and to the advancement of the times and developing dogmas are formed what are the different religions and different views that every religion expresses the deities present in their religious beliefs. So each religion has certain habits and tendencies to act upon the mandates set out by the guides who lead their religions. With this in mind, one of the most important books on the world of religions, beliefs and behavior patterns, it appears the Bible is the guide book of the Jews and Christians, since in this book many of the precepts are given by the different characters of the old age receiving commands and teachings given by God. The term comes from the Greek Bible and its meaning is translated into Spanish “books”, since in short, the Bible is made up of many different books written by characters who lived a divine experience, and through these books reproduce many of the situations in which God through his chosen provides education to the world, with the idea of acting a certain way in life. The various canonical books that comprise the Bible vary depending on the time trend, which was written in one another, according to criteria such as the traditions that were present in every period of history which were written several books that make up the whole Bible.

To sum up the Bible represents the Word of God written, because through this guidebook for the Christian, Catholic and Jewish means different mandates that God has given people to live in an appropriate manner, taking into account the way that conforms more to the will of the higher self. The book of the Bible is as relevant in the world that 2303 is translated into dialects or languages, it is worth keeping in mind that some religions or beliefs in the Bible is not completely adapted, since certain religions adopt only parts of the Bible and not its entirety. The Bible books were initially separately, and each book was the expression of a time and not given a thread between the different books, but then over time logaron compile the first books, which he the Tanakh or Old Testament, a criterion that depends on the religion, and for the Jewish Bible, the Tanakh is complete, while for Christians this is only part of the Bible which is complemented by the New Testament. So the whole process of setting up the Bible, understanding the Christian Bible was written over 1,000 years, beginning in 900 BC until 100 AD.

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