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In Europe, such organizations include the Institute of Insurers (Germany, Cologne), carrying out tests on standards EURO VdS, Test Centre in Braunschweig (Germany), carrying out tests on standards VdMA. Among the Russian certification centers such certification body armor products and materials and radiation protection (OSIMZ) VNIIPO Interior Ministry and SIC "Protecting" the Interior Ministry (Tested according to GOST R 50862 – 2005). What to guide the choice of safe? Need to know the answers to these questions: * What and how much to be stored in a vault? * What is the most potentially threatening content safe? * Approved a safe for resistance to burglary or fire? * Is there a certificate and mention on the inside of the door is safe? * What is the volume and weight of the safe? * What type of lock installed on the vault? * Where will located a safe? * Is there a warranty and service? Each buyer must be safe to imagine the volume and quantity to be stored in a safe subjects to understand the significance of documents and values take into account the degree of security of premises, which will be installed at the safe, including the presence of security or lack thereof. It is also necessary to properly assess the most likely danger (fire or burglary). By statistics, nine out of ten cases the contents of safe deposit boxes under threat of destruction due to the impact factors of fire and only one – as a result of unauthorized access, ie theft. Perhaps the consumer there are specific requests, such as the owner of convenience store or restaurant would be interested in a night Deposit Box, Hunter – safe storage of weapons, and the developer of individual homes – built-safe or stash. Would also have to determine the most appropriate type of locks: a key or code. To assess the actual quality of the safe is very important to make sure that the alleged qualitative parameters indeed confirmed certification plate, which is located inside the safe door. On these plates should be specified: country of manufacture, the name of the organization that conducted the certification, the standard by which certified concrete safe, can be given additional information. All models of safes should be provided test certificates according to the standards of the producing country, while certificates of compliance GOST R 50862-2005, corrective claimed supplier performance in accordance with standard Russian methods of testing. The absence of certificates of conformity GOST R 50862-2005 may indicate that the degree of fire or class resistance to cracking does not correspond to the documentation.

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