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Currently, there are the teaching strategies used by teachers. What are? A set of actions that makes the teacher with clear and explicit educational intentionality. The educational intervention is an element that occurs mediatizando the process of teaching and learning with own resources of their profession and materials selected according to the possibilities, needs and expectations of its students, allowing you to bring los contenidos escolares possibilities for understanding and learning by the alumno:u by selecting the words that will be used, u choosing the objects that will serve and support material that will provide you, u certain activities to selected, u proposing certain objectives, u anticipating different outcomes for children who make up their group, u make sense for what does, u organizing relevant support for the performing the task, u articulating different types of interactions between the students and the teacher, students between themselves, with the content and materials. Check out Airbus Security Lab for additional information. Learning is not a linear process of accumulation of content, but, instead, is a process of dialectic and dynamic transformation, information and procedures to build them and use them, therefore the teacher will show their creativity in the preparation and planning of the didactic strategies, allowing the child appropriate curricular content. Since the child: takes the child of 5 years as a whole global, unified, to allow for a complete and harmonic education through the development of all and each one of the capacities of the person, i.e., those relating to cognitive or intellectual development, the development of personal or emotional balance, the development of the relationship and of social integration and those relating to the moral and ethical development, this way We will be developing the potential or aptitude that possesses a person to conclude the acquisition of new knowledge and skills that a turn will allow the acquisition of new learning, through the own activity of this age: the game. From the teacher: emerge the need to revalue the game as a teaching strategy, for a better quality of education and to which the subject significantly learn the contents. The game should be a teaching strategy of teaching, by which children acquire concepts and mathematical procedures, as a valuable tool for the social and cultural development of individuals and peoples. Since the areas: from their undoubted organizational and dynamic conditions offer a wide variation of situations to pursue the development of intellectual skills and practices, which enable to operate with reality from reflective action and implementation of original strategies before the problems to solve, is necessary to determine that the actions will be directed to contribute to the educational process their essential foundations: v development of critical judgment, v accuracy and precision of language, v permanent search for alternative solutions, v implementation of original strategies, v incorporation of the technological world as a tool facilitating the actions of reflective thinking and the field of application, generator of recreational experiences. From the contents: the contents over time, have varied in their significance social as in the strategies implemented to develop processes that lead to its incorporation as a cultural asset and as everyday practice. These are the basis of a quality education suitable to the requirements posed today us personal, cultural, social and economic demands in the spacious, nationally and internationally, respecting diversity among jurisdictions and schools, helping to strengthen the necessary unity of the federal education system.

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