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Icy times on the sidewalk is already autumn ground frost to be expected in all Germany. At higher altitudes the situation worse still if streets and sidewalks turn in combination with snow fall into icy water slides. For pedestrians, the accident risk increases primarily in the early hours of the morning. But who must actually free the sidewalks of snow and ice? Basically a broaching and litter duty, which can be transferred to the lessee meets the owner know the experts at Is the obligation not complied with and a passer-by crashes as a result, the homeowner must adhere. Therefore: rather always provide a cleared pavement – otherwise threatens damages! Prevent the fire outside it is dark earlier, inside this pleasantly light: for candlelight and fireplace magic braving the cold and bring warmth into the House.

But be careful! Annually pass numerous house fires through negligence. That’s why candles and open fire under any circumstances may be left unattended. Safety distances are also too light to keep flammable materials – about curtains or table decoration -. Should there be a fire, it is first and foremost: keep calm! If the fire can not automatically be deleted, the fire must be alerted. Before humans and animals in safety, doors and Windows should be closed to avoid an exactly of the fire. Inform then vulnerable neighbors! Say well in the dark? The previously occurring darkness ensures poorer visibility not only in the car: also for pedestrian lighted curbs can be E.g. weak tripped. To avoid these potential sources of danger in advance, outdoor lighting its own doorstep should be checked at an early stage.

This is according to the homesolute-experts especially if dangerous Are accessible to the general traffic – around the entrance or the stairwell of an apartment building. Here, the owner of the so-called traffic duty, which is to guarantee safe moving within the scope of the property is subject to. This is ignored and an accident is the consequence of, must be held liable of the Lord – a nuisance that could be spared both sides even in the winter. More information about the topics of home and garden find interested on Tanja Est

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