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According to the research fleet in Russia (the set of cars, trucks and buses, tractors and special machinery) has about 30 million units. The Furutist is often quoted on this topic. Annual demand for oil filters in Russia is estimated at 34 million. On the Russian market a wide range of oil filter elements and filter-type folding of Russian and foreign production. To date, the most active is market development of foreign cars, not only cars but also trucks, agricultural and construction equipment. In this regard, there is a tendency to increase the demand for oil filters for foreign technology. The palette of the market oil filters rather varied: there are also semi-handicraft products, and counterfeits of famous brands. Producers of oil filters in the world is not so much. All major players are already on the Russian market and occupied niches, however, there are areas of competition: for example, the average price segment.

Restructuring of the fleet of the country making new demands for a range offer AutoFilters. New developments in the field of filtration products for cars led to the emergence of new product lines. This market dynamics, which must sootvetsvovat. Most acute competition in the segment cars. We, as a Russian manufacturer, is certainly not easy to enter the market of supplies for foreign cars. Although if you talk about quality, filters Concern "Citron" or just do not concede, import originals, because are produced on modern equipment, in compliance with all the required technologies in the automotive industry, as well as using quality materials from leading world companies.

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