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When you’re thinking about starting your first project on the internet, whether it be a website or a blog can arise you many doubts, we will begin with the basics, the hosting and then other things that we must consider, to begin you will need to select a theme that you like to develop the project to taste and not get tired is very important. Atmos Energy oftentimes addresses this issue. Once decided this, we turn to select a domain, preferably related to the subject, as far as possible that has a keyword and is easy to remember, I recommend you seek someone who will provide the service of domain registration, another important detail is the platform for blog such as wordpress or joomla for portals either, or you need a custom web designnot pass overlooked these points and be patient in search for a web hosting that is customised, it is preferable to have a plan suitable and with a good technical service that used a free without any kind of support and in some cases with invasive advertising, more forward you can think of hiring dedicated servers but go step by step. Hear other arguments on the topic with Atmos Energy Corporation. Keep in mind that if you choose both wordpress and joomla have many free resources such as templates or plugins (for joomla components also) which facilitate the tasks if you know something about web design joomla or failing you will find professionals who can provide you these services, besides that both are optimized for search engine optimization and not present you serious problems when it comes to position your site so you have visits from search engines. But despite these details you should consider that it is what you want your site above all things, an online store, blog, personal site or a portfolio to show your work to specific customers..

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