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If someone wants to count on the company of a beautiful cat, ideal to have as a pet, by their image and their liveliness, the somali cat is one of the best options that can be found within the breeds of cats, since it is an active cat, with a balanced body, which suggests a very good appearance, in addition to being a quiet character; all this makes the somali cat one of the more pleasant feline samples that you can have at home. Face so interesting breed of cats, best thing is to know a little more of the somali cat and characteristics that accompany it, as its origin his physical image and character. The origin of the somali cat is due to mutations of the Abyssinian cat, mutation that gave step a cat’s hair medium long, result that occurred due to the introduction of genes from pelilargo the cat Abyssinian in English for early 1900s territory, however there are can not configure the somali cat breed, serious until 1960 in the country of United States that would give the conformation of the somali cat, with an aspect wild, accompanied by a stylized image of themselves of East cats; in the year of 1977 the somali cat was recognized as a breed of cat by the CFA and subsequently by the FIFe in the year of 1983. The somali cat gives first impression be in front of a small Fox, their weight can range from 3 to 5 kilos, which suggests a great likeness to the Abyssinian cat with the difference of fur that is semilargo. Among other aspects that accompany the image of the body of the somali cat, it has an elongated and robust body which may be a little larger than the Abyssinian. The somali cat back presents a slight arching, giving it an appearance as if the cat were willing to jump. In what refers to the legs of this cat, it presents a few limbs strong and slender; accompanied by a beautiful long and strong tail. The somali cat fur, presents a silky and dense, very nice mantle to the touch because of its softness, with an average length and could present longer in the ears and on the side of the collar; going to the cat colors Somali, layers may occur in wild version which features a blanket of color orange with black spots and Brown Hare or red layered, which presents a red mantle with brown spots.

The head of the somali cat is round, with an elongated snout, ears are wide, round end and they have more hair. The eyes are very attractive, almendrados, can be green or gold, complemented by black contours. The nature of the somali cat is similar to the Abyssinian cat, that is lively, very intelligent, enjoys various activities especially hunting and games; likes to live in homes but maintaining a certain freedom. Original author and source of the article

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