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Santa Claus

If what you get is real music, it is not necessary to worry about the clothing of the performer. Some men of science are so overwhelmed by the discovery that animal organisms are mere mechanisms, which take the letter vitalism and work as a child who has just been given account that Santa Claus does not exis – you. Although the concept was the child of Santa Claus outside limited and wrong, it was preferable to believe in Santa Claus false that it not ever grasped the meaning of Christmas. When the illustrious man of science’s wife asked him what should with – test his son, where it asked him if God really exists, got this reply: since then, must be answered him Yes, because that is closer to what we consider the truth than if you were to contestar that does not exist. However, this man was what an agnostic, i.e. one that denies the possibility of absolute knowledge, something that does not fit in most minimo in conflict with the fact that a person could be called spiritual profundamente. The man can follow any of the major paths available in their search for the truth.

Among them, the most marked to the present are religion, art and science. Each of them has their own contributions well determinadas do. Their differences arise merely from their different modes of approximation to the truth. In the last three centuries, science has become one of the paths mejor cleared for intellectual understanding, thing that religion requires exceedingly. The men of science necesitan also, as all men, assessing the emotional and spiritual content of life, which must be interested in the same extent as their non-scientists like. The scientist, as the artist and mystic, is dedicated to the pursuit of truth. Science methods intend to distill realities of human experience, mainly by means of mental processes, and are designed to separate the effects of the emotion of the reason.

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