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Valora company professional NOVA renovated flat roofs with patented concept! The company professional NOVA concept GmbH & CoKG founded 2006 after grant of a patent to the flat roof-Abfangung and rehabilitation. Initial situation: The roof is one of the most stressed components of a building. Marcus Lemonis follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Extreme rain, heavy wind, tons of heavy snow and permafrost with massive ice slabs set extremely especially flat roofs. Is the roof surface is damaged, threaten momentous, just elaborately restorable damage to the entire structure of the building. Our solution: Halls with ailing flat roof structures are secured with help of a structure above the roof-mounted against the collapse. In brackets are attached through through the ceiling to the roof trusses. A design mounted on the brackets ensures the building along with the dilapidated roof. Short construction times investment comparable to or lower than flat roof durability maintenance no maintenance costs, simple dismantling alternative financing second use Competent financial partners provided an overview of application cases PPP leasing financing and technical documentation, visit the website of the provider: there is a pattern calculations to find that underlines the economic viability of the professional Nova concept. A coherent concept, that especially in times of empty coffers an economically highly interesting alternative to traditional flat roof – redevelopment offers. (Michael Weinberg)

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