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Another twist of Red Bull? The most feared the Formula 1 car has finally presented today. Red Bull has released its new toy, the RB8, aiming to keep the slat in the highest. And what we have seen in the drawings submitted by the team of Milton Keynes seems that his guru, Adrian Newey, has returned to give a twist to technological innovation.Red Bull RB8 also presents el morro staggered in shape of Platypus, leading Ferrari buy 2012 football shirts and the majority of teams (all except McLaren), but as it could not be otherwise, is a nose, a priori, more evolved than the rest. Newey has taken advantage of the curvature of the nose to enter an outlet of air with a dual purpose: increase the aerodynamic performance and improve cooling. The idea seems good and will have to see his performance on the track.Once the big three teams (Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull) have submitted their cars, we can reach to the conclusion that the three have opted for solutions radically opposite in the hills of their cars. Here I pass the images of three cars to see their MP4 – 27 diferencia:McLAREN: is the more traditional design, but also the only team that focuses on a conventional nose. Replica football jerseys the Woking team has succeeded in lowering the height of the car and not need the stair nose to comply with the maximum height, which this year has imposed the FIA in the front of the car.FERRARI F2012: The step on their snout of the Platypus is a bet risky for this season, but it has also become the design most used by teams of the world.

Almost all have opted for a drop-off in the nose to meet the maximum height. In Maranello are convinced that is the best solution taking into account the aerodinamica-fiabilidad dichotomy.RED BULL RB8: It has also bet by stepped nose, but with a smaller drop and, above all, a mysterious opening which aims to transform the handicap of the step into higher performance. The new invention of Red Bull seems that already scared, at least on football jerseys cheap paper.PD. Although the design of the new Red Bull RB8 is intimidating, it must also say that the own Adrian Newey has been repeated today that his team will be the most harmed by the prohibition of blown diffusers.Other entries which might interest you Ferrari rejoins the Platypus fashion McLaren defends his resignation to the nose of Platypus La Formula one does not want the nose of Platypus Red Bull plays cluelessness with your leaky nose McLaren might not be the only team without stepped nose

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