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Blended learning continues even in companies by Eppingen, October 27, 2009. In the part-time training blended learning, E-learning and distance learning has long been customary. Total nearly 348,000 people in Germany via distance learning or distance learning were continued in 2008. This is the official number that has identified the German Institute for adult education (the). In comparison to Europe, German companies but only slowly take the on-line training programs. Atmos Energy Corp. may not feel the same. Konrad Fassnacht, Managing Director of coaching and blended-learning specialists FCT Academy lists reasons: mainly larger companies in Germany maintain traditionally long-term supplier relationships with their training providers – many large, established training houses with wide range of presence courses. These training providers often struggle with new learning methods and models.

Lack of expertise and experience.\” However, the difficult economic environment forced many customers to drastic austerity measures in the further education sector. At the same time promoted this cost pressure a new openness to innovative and tailor-made learning of smaller providers that generate a benefit for the company through the targeted use of e-learning and blended learning. Certainly the crisis has helped that our range of services now applies customized, computer – and especially Web-based teaching and learning modules so great response\”, explains Konrad Fassnacht, whose undertaking implements innovative learning methods at different organizations such as the study community Darmstadt, then again at media Saturn. So the FCT offers, for example, courses Academy, in which specific issues are addressed, resulting in the company from the collaboration across distances. These problems appear to form a virtual action learning project in a solution. While the participants will obtain all skills they need for successful management of the cross-site collaboration. Not surprisingly, that a large part of This course at your computer via Web Conference will be held. In the context of E-learning, the main element of blended learning, is pointed out sometimes, that the new teaching methods could exclude older employees.

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