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New For Nintendo DS: Barnyard Blast: The Pig Of Darkness

From June 3 for Nintendo DS: In the garb of a 2D-Arcade-Shooters the pig of darkness turns against evil. Robert, the pink pig, must fight their way through a satirical cartoon world. In this it is get into a Halloween night using the portal. A variety of wacky weapons waiting to be fired on plenty of bizarre creatures. This and the six spooky level, who must save the pig, are a guarantee for fast 2D-Shooter-Kost in traditional garb. There is great excitement in the small pig family: piglet Jacob, son of the pink pig of Robert, was kidnapped. Reason is the toilet paper stop to the mysterious castle on the edge of the village during the Halloween night.

In this castle of intolerable suffering unimaginable horror reigns. But before Robert calls the police, he we go yourself. And if he is even on their way, he could bring also equal rolls. That means at least wife Julia. So begins the whimsical adventures of the pig of darkness.

Robert Big Ballz”Belmart must prove as a protagonist, he is made of what ham. In addition to his daring courage and his good jokes, especially weapons help him. Equipped with gun, death whip, shotgun, dynamite sticks and destructive rolls of toilet paper, the famous pig of darkness must find his way. And this way will be no easier: hordes of the living dead is trying to thwart the Roberts plan. You oppose him in six hideous and disgusting cartoon level. Vampire bats, Ninja pumpkins and dozens more creepy weird enemies, among others are part of the game. The pig of darkness is a guarantee of thrilling shoot ‘n run costume includes traditional style because of its quick game design. The humorous satirical narrative style and the enrichment with jump & run reference elements in the early shooter genre and bring its charm on the Nintendo DS.

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