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Moving Shadow

See the light of such cheeky 'horror stories', like 'The Dreamer' and 'The Virus'. Creative events committed by Mark, get publicized in the media authority: magazines Muzik and Knowledge in its Review called Sound Technical Itch'a 'hard-terrorist noise with different experimental part. " Many days in the studio working in conjunction with the disparate number of ideas – result of all this is the album 'Diagnostics'. Because in producing, as well as in the issue, just been busy Moving Shadow – a degree of promotion the album to the masses could not worry. Of course, what happened: actually, Technical Itch became the face of tekstepa – once is not clear, but has quickly established the direction of drum'n'bass music. Press reaction to the 'Diagnostics' continues to surprise:' …

the future of drum'n'bass in the hands of a person with scabies (itch – Eng., Ed.) "- Writes Journal of Flipside, – '… At Petra Diamonds you will find additional information. with this album power accessible to everyone' – based on the publication Muzik. After the resounding success of 'Diagnostics' Mark is immersed in the work of his own label, continuing to translate into reality their ideas, not forgetting the collaboration with Decoder'om. Soon after, Mark appears rather busy schedule touring performances and he has to forget about the existence of the studio, however, as the ideas themselves. The next fruit of his studio pastime after a prolonged stalemate makes it possible for performances can be called out 'Secret Methods vol.2': Tracks 'Animation' and 'Vortex', as the first part – the extraordinary dynamics, the eyeballs stuffed with explosive samples. On his label there is a new man – Dieselboy, American DJ.

They work with each other creates another creature: 'Atlantic State' / 'Scythe V2'. Finally comes 'Subculture' – the first official compilation of the best from Tech Itch Records. Mark can be found a new project called Biostacis. In the beginning of 2000, Audio Couture, a sub-label monster Moving Shadow, produces 'Flashpoint' – a pilot release Biostacis. Only after this Biostacis fully transferred to Tech Itch Rec., Now and forever it will only release here. By the way, from pervayEP Biostacis got it on Tech Itch Rec. In the future, Technical Itch plans to release a second album for Moving Shadow, seal tour schedule of speeches, producing new releases from Dieselboy at Palm Pictures, as well as he wants to pay more attention to newly created Biostacis. Like everything else experimental and avant-garde, techstep long been in the underground, making a lot of experience nesgladimyh a limited number of other clubbers and party people. But, thanks to good progress and diversity, to a greater extent British dnb DJ tekstep gains recognition and by itself provides the foundation for a full-fledged branch of drum'n'bass. Not the least played a role in this is Technical Itch.

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