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Climate Changes

The first patent was issued in 1947 (Forest Products Laboratory Report No. 1666-13 entitled "Briquets from Wood Waste," written in 1947 and revised in 1955 and 1960.) The history of briquettes Fuel began with extrusion of materials such as coal dust and peat. More information is housed here: Petra Diamonds. The so-called biofuels is part of the planet's biomass, and in contrast to minerals, is filled during the period of life (growth) of each specific organism. Naturally, the period of growth of various species and breeds of plants varies, there is a fast-growing plants – which mature in one season, and there are long-lived, and for which several hundred years of life is normal. Russia's chances of biomass are not particularly limited, as the total forest growth far ahead logging, and the harvested wood is not used efficiently. From the point of view global scale there is a change Earth's climate observed at the present time is much faster than if it occurred without human intervention.

Inhabitants of the planet is threatened in the first place, rapid growth in the number of natural disasters and calamities. As a real ecological disaster estimated effects of the huge forest fires in 2002. Even by conservative estimates, in the spring of 2002 burned More than 1.5 million hectares of forest – which is 3 times more than in 2001, is a good example of the June fires in the Irkutsk region of the current 2003. To prevent the emission of carbon dioxide, methane and four other greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the anthropogenic contribution to climate change, mitigate sharp fluctuations in the planet's climate system was composed of the International Kyoto Protocol United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Some European countries and Japan already use the mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol to reduce carbon emissions, and to the entry of this international instrument in force. They provide investment in developing countries and States with economies in transition.

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