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The States

The differences Both parties share the same model of Capitalism of free company deprived with a republican system and a foreign policy and military that the hegemony of its mega-power in the world guarantees. Although this causes that some consider that democratic and republican they are two arms of a same body, the certain thing in that today both parties represent different directions and social bases. The republicans have major weight within the protestant white majority, as well as within the best off and corporations, the Christians and many countryside. They are the bastion of those who different forms from conservatism in the politician, economic, social, religious and in the matter of external and immigratory policy. They postulate policies monetarists that they look for to stimulate to the imposed investments reducing, controls and regulations. They raise that the government must stop including as much in the economic field to concentrate itself in offering better internal and external security. They question many expenses public and the social benefits. Unlike the conservatives of Canada, the United Kingdom and France who defend systems of universal and gratuitous health, the North American republicans reject it because they adduce that is socialized medicine and raise that the health is paid and this one and the insurances must be in private hands.

The democrats have become the main force within the ethnic minorities (with the exception of those who have arrived at the USA escaping of the Communists of Cuba and Vietnam), of the feminists and the homosexuals. They are strong in the cities and within sindicalizados and the poorest and marginalized sectors. Also they have major influences within academic and the liberal professions. The States that support to them more are most inclined to liberal ideas like the Northeast, the zone of the Great Lakes and the Pacific (including Hawaii). The republicans dominate in the rest: the south and the noncoastal West.

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