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Hoods: Features And Nuances

Hood has long ceased to be something amazing, special, unusual. Now this device is equipped with almost all the apartments and cottages, where there is a kitchen. Hood is necessary for removal of contaminated air, to eliminate odors emerging from the use of stoves, cooktop or oven when you fry, bake or simply reheat food. Save it and against the spread of smoke in the event that members of the household prefer to smoke in the kitchen, but do not go for it on the balcony or on the street. Especially important to have a drawing for layout of the apartment, does not lead to the kitchen door. Now the room for cooking is often combined with common room, a separator is only a bar or decorative wall.

Naturally, in this case is particularly important that odors from spreading throughout the room. Modern drawing divided into recessed, flat and dome, and island. Recessed hoods are practically invisible, as is almost completely hidden in the cupboard above the stove. Remains open only to the working surface. Flat and dome are usually kept on special brackets on the wall.

Island attached to the ceiling in the kitchen, where the stove is not located near the wall, and center. Almost all hoods operate in two modes: the outflow and recycling. In the first case of contamination room air is given through a tube into the ventilation duct and fresh comes through the window. Winter is better to use the recirculating mode, when the air is supplied to the hood, passes through the filter system and comes already peeled. The choice of extraction – an important step in the process of kitchen construction. Detail about the types of drawing described in the article "How to choose a hood." And here we want to focus on some nuances that will help draw your attention to the kinds of management, noise and lighting techniques.

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