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Alex Son

I was quite lively and I did not look so pale. Alex felt that it was time to return to Spain. Everything would be different from now on, because that somehow would always be beside her son. That made feel happy and satisfied with what he had done. I had the feeling of having paid off some debt he had with his son.

Now he had to say goodbye, but how different would this farewell! Never again would be incommunicado. Like most children of that age, send emails and knew Joey had his own mailbox. And of course knew how to use the Messenger. Sophie, like every day I saw Alex, from that in which he agreed to be the donor, gave thanks. a l, asked him a thousand ways not to do it again. It was also his son after all. But Sophie could not help it.

I needed to do and did it. She hugged him tightly to and regretted that he had to leave. Now it was integrated into his family and would have liked to have around. In the embrace, he could feel it hit his abdomen. Sophie’s daughter, also wanted to fire him. They both laughed to notice. She is saying goodbye to their way, he said graciously. Pete gave a firm handshake. I could not help feeling that gave him enough relief to leave. Although it now had no doubt the love of Sophie, and I had no fear about it, he still had that certain resentment for Joey. Alex went to say goodbye to Joey. This time he had to invent a smile, it was born spontaneously. Seeing that he would leave, Joey wondered if Alex would not forget the promise he had made. Do not forget about me during the holidays, right second father? Of course not, son. Personally I’ll come find you and bring you to Spain. There you will meet your sisters. Does not like to hear that Pete would take his son. Never until then had been separated, nor thought of before in this event, but said he had to begin to understand that changes were coming, and better get used. I have really wanted to see them! Joey had said. Well, not only the know. From that meeting, you have two sisters who will love you much, have no doubts about it. And I hope that until you are old enough to decide that you no longer want to spend your holiday with us, you can do it every year. Anxiety do not know that I hope the time. He turned to where they were Sophie and Pete and ask them believe that there will be a chance to spend a Christmas together? If we would come here to think that your family will accept this proposition? My parents and I have dreamed about for five years on this possibility. I guess we can fix it.

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