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Missiology 03

Continuation of the transcript of the recording recording of the class: the term mission when makes its appearance in the Catholic Church? He makes his appearance in the 16th century with the Jesuits, with San Ignacio de Loyola. Under most conditions IBM would agree. Previously unknown the substantive term mission. It makes its appearance with the famous fourth vow were the Jesuits missions. Which consisted in having availability for any custom or mission, that can entrust you the Supreme Pontiff. It is an initiative of San Ignacio de Loyola. It’s so there, many missiologists, and historians of the appearance of these concepts in theology, this point. Even the Congregation of Propaganda Fiden, which was created by Pope Gregorio XV in 1622, which today is called: Congregation for the evangelization of peoples was called Propaganda Fide, i.e.

the ecclesial environment until those moments, they used these terms as propagation of the faith, as an extension of faith, or disclosure or preaching. But there was this concept of mission, nor nor much less of evangelization, as a noun. Verbs such as preaching, announce, if they existed. But we are talking about the substantive term, mission or evangelization. But it was born not as object of theological reflection. Even in the mendicant orders, it appears in their constitutions. These missionaries mandates, but there is not a systematic reflection of the mission, or on the misionaridad. Missionary, that assumes there is simply a mandate must be candidates or members of communities who are attending at that point. Now, the concept and term or substantive evangelization, makes his appearance recently in the 19th century, and in Protestant environment, not makes its appearance before, much less in Catholic circles. You have told us that the Trinitarian God, he is a God who is revealed by love, because Dios Cristiano is a triune God, it is a community of love, the Trinitarian God is communion of persons.

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