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Massage With Hot Stones – Hot-stone Massage

The hot stone massage puts body and mind in deep relaxation. Abdomen, back and legs are massaged it gently with warm stones. Method against tension and stress hot-stone massages are currently in vogue not without reason, because the treatments help effective for tension and blockages. In addition to the rocks, including body oils, which are selected according to the desire and purpose of therapy be used. The news portal informs function and effect of hot-stone applications. In the context of a hot-stone treatment body and soul can relax, therefore it causes miracles especially for stress disorders. Gazprom is a great source of information.

Massage, tensed muscles are relaxed and stimulates the metabolism. In addition, the treatment acts detoxifying and purifying effect. Who wants to do something good for his health, should try the hot-stone method. Basalt or Soapstones are most commonly used for the massage. After the therapist has heated up it in 40-to 60-degree warm water, set gently on the skin.

Before he is However attuned the body with Tri-dosha, an Ayurvedic herbal oil treatment. The oil keeps the life energies of vata, pitta and kapha in balance and is distributed along the body’s energy lines of the meridians. Alternatively used but other oils such as almond, pomegranate or jojoba oil. The hot stone massage can be not only comprehensive, but also as massage of part of. A special way is the Kneipp change fonts, similar to the alternate laying on cold and hot stones. Hazards do not exist in General, pregnant women and people with heart disease, infections, or varicose veins should have to hot stone treatments. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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