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The web site incorporates new technologies of information and communication, for the enhancement and the tourist and cultural promotion of the heritage resources of Villaviciosa. It is a dynamic application with cultural and tourist information around the enhancement of monumental heritage, with periodic updating of contents which allows to offer practical and up-to-date information about the rich historical and cultural heritage of Villaviciosa and enhancing the presence of the tourism and cultural sector throughout the municipality in the network. The new Web site provides daily news of Villaviciosa as well as cultural programming. It is a website that is linked to the visitor since this with two simple steps can publish their own news or complaints and participate in the development of the different sections and content. Commitment to provide services to the citizen of the village with a classified ads section and another job. Villaviciosa is the main beneficiary of this web page. Closer to the population services available without leaving home. For future tourists, Web help you learn about potential Maliayes, the possibilities for leisure and also be informed of the topicality of the municipality of Villaviciosa..

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