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Subsequent to its initial preparation, is not recommended to leave batteries them Li-ion unload, a good practice completely is to recharge them when it is from 10 to a 30% of the total capacity. The second type of more recommendable batteries for their use on cellular telephones is those of type NIMH since is much more resistant to present/display deterioration by Effect Memory, besides having a yield 35% major that the third more recommendable type, those of Nickel-Cadmium (Neither-CD). With both types the mentioned one is recommended to realise an initial preparation similar to a in the previous paragraph, in addition it is advised to leave batteries them unload each 4 cycles completely and to load them completely to reduce Effect Memory Effect Memory appears mainly in the Nickel-Cadmium batteries (NiCd) and in a much smaller proportion in those of NiMH, which is mentioned next does not apply for the batteries Li-ion, since no they present/display this disadvantage. This effect talks about to the diminution in the performance of the batteries due to partial charges caused by the sectioned use of the batteries. In other words, when a battery of NiCd (and to a lesser extent one of NiMH type) only unloading partially before being recharged, solely uses the part unloaded in the next cycle causing that the battery forgets (of the name of Effect Memory ) that has capacity without being used, which is there in a decreased yield, to avoid this condition is recommended to recondition the batteries, which it consists of unloading and completely loading the battery after 4 or 5 cycles of use to recover the use of his total capacity and to reduce the negative effects as far as possible. Important recommendations: To avoid the exhibition to the intense heat and/or cold: The batteries are designed to work to room temperature, something that is particularly detrimental is to expose them to high temperatures, although is not possible to control the conditions climatologic, if we can avoid to leave our equipment within a closed automobile exposed to the sun or to load our cellular one within the pocket with the battery stuck to our leg, when an automobile shipper uses, is recommendable to hope to that the internal temperature of the cabin becomes stabilized at an pleasant level before connecting our equipment.

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