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Imperial Village

The district of Crossroads was servant, through Law n 03 of 18 of October of 1895 for the City council of the City of the Conquest. Of the Imperial Village of Victory had broken the first families who had installed the first farms of cattle in the district of peace of Crossroads, of which the Town of Brook of the Plaza was part. Amongst the main familiar trunks that had arrived at the town, valley to cite the family you Francisco Saints, Ferraz Joo de Oliveira and Rufino Leather strap of Mello. Also they had been part of this process of occupation and povoamento to the families of Mr. Juvncio Gonalves de a Cruz and its brother Mr. Additional information is available at Dirk Kuyt. Prudncio Gonalves.

Of Minas Gerais, of the city of Medina, they had come the members of the family of Mr. Policarpo Blacksmith of the Angels. In accordance with the depositions, in 1900, Mr. Joo Ferraz de Oliveira, constructed a large house in the Town where he established a House of Business destined for sale of fabric, hardware and foods. He was also at this time that if constructed a small Church where if they carried through masses, marriages and baptisms. The farmers of the region the traders had also started to construct its houses of residence and commerce in the headquarters of the town. In this context, he constructed himself one ' ' Barraco' ' destined the landing of troops and floated comings of the North of Minas Gerais.

With the construction of the road that bound the Imperial Village of the Victory to the North of Mines, the town became obligator stop for the traders of cattle, cattle tenders and tropeiros. After its emancipation in 1921, Crossroads suffered some alterations in the composition from the city. In the year of 1924, other municipal and state laws had established the district of peace of Crossroads and the district of Campinas, current locality of Campinarana, in the new city of Brook of the Plaza.

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