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Global institutions of the island There are certain areas where the population is organized into a single entity, covering the whole island irrespective of borders, both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. For example, in sports, the Games Gaeltacht, rugby and other sports (with the significant exception of football) are practiced through joint leagues. Similarly, mainstream Christian religions (the Catholic Church, the Methodist Church in Ireland, the Anglican Church of Ireland and the Presbyterian Church of Ireland) are organized without regard to the separation.Also, some unions are organized together and part of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (Irish Congress of Trade Unions, ICTU), based in Dublin, while others in Northern Ireland are affiliated to the TUC (Trades Union Congress, TUC) based in the UK, and still others are members of the two entities, legally, any union can join one of the two Congresses, whether it is based on any of the two parts of Ireland, as if in the United Kingdom. It also operates throughout the island Union of Students in Ireland (Union of Students in Ireland, USI), although Northern Ireland is associated with the National Union of Students (National Union of Students, NUS) in the UK, using its name Set (NUS-USI). Outside the organizational level, the two parts of the island shared by almost all elements of their culture and customs. For example, traditional Irish music is the same on both sides of the border.Just as the Irish language, although only official in the Irish Republic, which is taught in schools and is the subject in recent years of government campaigns to promote its use..

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